michelle bach artist statement

Patterned doodles influenced by traditional henna designs envelop my functional pottery.  I love the lacy, active lines, and cultural associations of these rhythms.  Rich surfaces are created using bright colors of majolica decorating colors, such as chartreuse and turquoise, on neutral backgrounds. Line quality is also considered in making my forms, which have a planar shift, separated by a line, to give depth to my surface designs and the piece as a whole.  Simple monochromatic designs also inspire a lot of my pottery.  Neutral tones give an antique look to my monochromatic pottery.


After researching the meaning behind henna patterns, I decided to incorporate them into my work.  Many cultures find comfort in these designs, and use them in their everyday lives.  The functionality of pottery is my favorite aspect of the medium. I intend for my work to be welcoming and enjoyable to those who use it. I want people to feel comfortable using my pottery in their daily lives.

michelle bach resume

Michelle’s resume is available here.