Live Bree Ceramic Mugs

Ceramic Mugs, Try One you Will Love It!

Have you ever drank a delicious hot beverage out of a handmade ceramic mug?   There is something special about it.  Not sure if it is the sturdy feel of the ceramic mug or knowing that it started from just a mound of clay.

The Making of Ceramic Mugs

I make the Live Bree ceramic mugs in my Dallas pottery studio.   I really do start with a mound of terra cotta clay.   My ceramic mugs  are thrown on the pottery wheel and once they dry a bit I trim them.  The handles are made by hand and attached to the mug.  Once they are fully dry, the ceramic mugs go into the kiln for the bisque firing. After they come out of the kiln,  I glaze and hand paint them. I carry my designs into the inside of the mug and love having the design be seen as the the mug is being used.  On some of my ceramic mugs I even carry the design to underneath the mug or onto a matching saucer.  The ceramic mugs go back into the kiln for a round of glaze firing. The entire process takes several days.   The Live Bree ceramic mugs are food safe and can handle the dishwasher and microwave oven.

Purchasing Ceramic Mugs

Cantaloupe Ceramic Mug

Imagine drinking your favorite hot beverage from a ceramic mug that is one of a kind pieces of art. Ceramic mugs make a great gift for someone that enjoys their morning coffee or tea.  They will remember you each time they use it.  Contact me to see my latest inventory!  You can also visit my Etsy shop at http://