• Kiddush Cup - Gifts for Jewish celebrations
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Kiddush Cup – Perfect Gifts for Jewish Celebrations

The Jewish religion is filled with beautiful traditions such as the shabbat meal.  Reciting Kiddush, the blessing over the wine, separates the craziness of our work life from our spiritual shabbat rest.  The sweet taste of the wine reminds us that we are beginning shabbat and the buzz from the wine helps to relax and unwind.

Live Bree Kiddush Cups are a wonderful way to bring creativity and beauty into your shabbat ritual. These make the perfect gifts for jewish celebrations such as bar and bat mitzvahs and weddings. These keepsake gifts are food and dishwasher safe. They will make beautiful additions to any home and are functional.

Unique Ceramic Gifts for Jewish Celebrations

Live Bree also offers other gifts for Jewish celebrations such as  Mizzuzot, Hand-washing Cups, Hamsas .  Contact us if you would like to give the perfect gift for that next special occasion!